Letters from the Gods

I directed, shot and edited this film between June and September 2016, after the Kumamoto earthquake. Japan has a long history of Buddhism and religious Mythology, where many have derived from other Asian cultures. One popular belief is that there is a God in everything. Until the 20th century, Kyushu was seen as Japan’s gate to the world and a centre for trade. It has historically been the first stop for foreign traders and travellers in Japan and a place from which the outside influences would spread to the rest of the country. Time has moved on, but the landscapes and legends remain to this day.

Hello Tokyo

This film was shot over a 5 day trip to Tokyo in January 2016. It was my first time visiting Japan, a place I had always wanted to see. With a population of 35 million, Tokyo is the largest metropolitan area in the world. Due to this, I soon realised how lively and energetic this city really is.

Dubai day to night

This film was shot in January 2015. This was my first ever attempt at a timelapse project, I had the opportunity to visit Dubai, a futuristic city full of innovative architecture. It was the perfect place to experiment with a range of different timelapse and hyperlapse techniques.